2,6-Cis Diphenylhexamethyl-cyclotetrasiloxane

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(2001) I see women on a daily basis who have multiple concerns for the contraceptives, hormone replacement therapy, or antibiotic I prescribe, but would never question their plastic surgeons in regard to their breast implants. These women deserve to know the truth about all the multiple medical aspects of breast implants, whether it is systemic, local, or second generational.

My prayer for each of you on this Committee is that you will bring your expertise and wealth of knowledge together to create a breakthrough that will positively impact the health of women who have, who have had, and who are considering silicone and saline breast implants.

To I.O.M./N.A.S Committee Respectfully submitted by: Arden R. Moulin, R.N.C., W.H.N.P. Women's Health Care