Dr. Blais

Wie is Dr. Pierre Blais en waarom werd hij ontslagen als onderzoeker bij de Canadese overheid?

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Hoe slijt een implantaat volgens Dr. Blais

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Alle artikelen over borstimplantaten van Dr. Blais

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1 technology and composition of silicone breast implants

10 rupture phenomena in implants

17 radio interview and ‘nothing changed’

19 breast implants and cancer

22 therapeutic radiation treatments and implants

23 foam-coated prostheses - design and risk issues

24 origin of the polyurethane foam implant:

31 problems with assembled foam-coated implantable roducts

41 3m/mcghan/inamed corporations

42 gel-filled mammary implants from koken co. Ltd. (japan)

43 les laboratoire sebbin (france)

45 lipomatrix trilucent™ oil-filled prostheses

48 lipomatrix trilucent™ oil-filled prostheses

57 breast prostheses - a case history of poor clinical trial management

62 briefing note on foam prostheses

67 summary of concerns with foam prostheses

68 briefing note on foam prostheses

76 dow corning 'cronin' series mammary implants

77 dow corning 500 series mammary implants

78 dow corning implants with tissue fixation; special problems

81 dow corning saline inflatable implants - the varifil™ 200 series

83 gel-filed barrier type silastic ii™; history and problem areas

84 late barrier products and msi textured implants

86 identification methods and criteria

90 foam-coated prostheses - design and risk issues

91 history and problems with saline-filled tissue expanders

96 injury from breast implants

114 breast feeding with prostheses in situ

117 breast feeding with prostheses in situ(2)

132 limitations & risks from mammographic studies with implants in situ

134 medical engineering and surgitek prosthetic systems

138 penile prostheses

147 radiological evaluation of mammary prostheses

158 attachment – recommendations

160 common mechanisms of injury

161 pharmaceuticals in saline-containing implants

162 breast feeding and prostheses

164 the publication process

166 suppression of information

172 the cox uphoff international corporation (cui)

175 therapeutic radiation treatments and implants

178 injury mechanisms from mammary prostheses

183 ethical and cutural aspects of cosmetic surgery of the breast

191 the pip debacle of 2012

194 breast implants – a growing area of concern